Why do people feel lonely

Loneliness is not uncommon for us. I am sure that everyone has experience of being lonely regardless the severity of the loneliness. The question is, why do people feel lonely. Is it solely because that lonely person is alone? Or is it because the feeling of abandoned or neglected? If can take a closer look to people around us, we can see that some of them are feeling lonely even though they are with friends or family. This article is not a scientific article. It is pure my random analysis, and i hope readers can talk about this topic openly.

When do usually we feel lonely? What makes us lonely or less lonely? I am sure everybody can answer these questions because in some extent, everybody has experience with loneliness. But let us get the bottom of it.

It is very natural that we need other human around us. It is also very natural that we have the need to be needed. When either basic need is unfulfilled, it can result the loneliness or feeling of being neglected. The common problem when this feeling occurs is we cannot point out the cause of loneliness. We just feel the sudden sadness, emptiness, and most of time we (or at least me) will likely translate this as boring.

Question. Have any of you try to figure out and find the cause of your loneliness? If you have, share with me in comment section bellow. Meanwhile, bear with my rambling.

I know i am not an expert so please do not beat me scientifically, but if you want to share some scientific analysis, then you are most welcome.

Is it possible that loneliness is triggered by unpleasant experience? An experience that affect the way you perceive things around you, in which makes you feel like nobody understands. This feeling makes you feel lonely no matter how many people around you.

OK, I definitely talking non sense here. Anyway, let’s talk about it. What makes you lonely?


2 thoughts on “Why do people feel lonely

  1. Rosie's Berezia says:

    You feel lonely when you are not at peace with yourself. You may avoid having this feeling by keeping your mind preoccupied but that is where it ends. My recent post mentioned that you can be alone but that doesnt mean you are lonely. Do you see the difference?

  2. dyahikhsanti says:

    this writing was inspired by my student. he is socially awkward due to he has trust issues toward his mom, brothers, and friends. he keeps playing computer games because he doesn’t like playing with other kids. we’ve been working on this condition, i also found that actually we all have different form of lonely. of course with different trigger. i, of course, get your point and 1000% agree

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