My Favorite Tropical Flowers

1. Lantana

I can say that beside as an ornamental variety, lantana actually one of a type of wild plant in Indonesia. It is low maintenance plant, and siutable for tropical weather. This plants came with various colors and size. Nowadays, we can find this plant with more colors as more people try to develop new varieties of lantana.

2. Euphorbia

If you live in a tropical region with hot sunshine over your head, then euphorbia will be the easiest beauty to find. This plant actually part of succulent family like cactus and aloevera. Really forgiving when your forget to water them, but don’t do it too often or they will die.

3. Orchid

Who doesn’t like orchid? Low maintenance, they don’t even like it if you water them too often. Some varieties of orchid are also fragrant. They come with various shape and colors. You can also have them inside or outside your house. Just make sure that they have good nutrition and sunlight.

4. Jasmine

They are everybody’s sweetheart. Fragrant, multifunction, and of course pretty. This plant suits tropical weather and some varieties grow as tree. You can get many benefit from this plant besides the fragrance. You can use it as traditional medication for eye irritation, or skin softener. If you have this plant, don’t forget to prune them regularly to keep them tidy. They can grow wild.

5. Wildflowers

There’s nothing wrong with taking wildflowers home with you. You may get unexpected tropical beauty for your garden.


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