Gift For Today

This is may not a professional work, but I decided to post it here because I think it is a pretty interesting topic to talk about.


I met up with my old friends for college, they look cute with their girlfriends, I am so proud of them. The talk about what they are doing, and how what they are doing right now is their passion. I am impressed by their passion and how they dedicate their live to chase what they love. The other day I had a talk with one of doctors from my previous office about passion and goal. She said, the difference between people who have goals in life and those who don’t is we can see, if they focus or not. Some people just live the life they have, and discard the passion or the call they’ve been having for, maybe, their entire life because they scare or just being negative. And just now, I read an article about passion, and what holding us back from achieving our call. That is why, I decided to write what I think about right now, because I can say I am a strugling writer, and I still have a hope for the word called passion.


I tried to ask some of my friends about what is their passion, what they really want to do in their life. Passion is not a coommon word for most Indonesia people, so I had to elaborate about the definition. Once they understood, they told me what things that they loved to dot, things made them happy when they did them. I can say, actually each of us has our own call, passion, whatever you want to call. In this modern world, we might not directly get what we want, or having job suits our passion. But if we try to notice, is that really what holding us back from doing what we want?


You may a nurse, accountant that love writing or singing. You may math teacher that love dancing, or you may even a full time mom and you love martial art. You may be anything that you don’t plan to be, but actually there is some other thing that you love to do. Have you ever noticed, what holding you back from doing what you love. Based on my experience, I can say time, energy, money, community, other adult resposibilities, and facility. Don’t you know by doing things you love in your spare time, it actually energizes you to do your main jobs. Well, at least I feel it, God gave us right and left brains not for nothing.


I am doing what I want to do now, after years of work. I decided to refresh my right brain, my creativity. I don’t think doing what you love is useless. You might inspire other people to regain positivity in their lifes simply by doing what you love. Doing what you love also gains positivity inside you. Because you simply love what your doing, and any step you make, you see it as progress, and any obstacle you find, you see it as challenge.


People might let you down by saying how uselees you are for doing such things. Well, I can only advise you to follow your gut, maybe that’s the guide.


Keep doing what you love so you can gain positivity in your life, and recharge your energy to do your other resposibilities.


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