Love Story of Dyah Pitaloka Part 2


I sit on the bench, still stare at the fish pond

The moon reflects itself as a beautiful white shadow on water

The fishes swim and break the reflection, but soon..

The reflection is united as before

Can I do that?

Being royal means sacrifice your life for politic

My nod this afternoon might bring my kingdom into prosperity

“Your Highness,,”

“Do you want to say your second goodbye, Kakang?”

He stands couple meters from where I sit

I can remember the scent of his body

“Yes, Your Highness. I have to leave by the dawn.

The earlier, the better, I should prepare your wedding.”

“My wedding, it is just a wedding.”

The silince hangs between us

“Kakang, if you …”

Should I ask this? Or just, hang it.

“It is ok Your Highness, you can ask anything.”

I bite my lower lip, asking myself if I have the courage

“If you never stated your Palapa Oath.

Will you… marry?”

Seems like he thinks for a while before answer it

“Maybe. I am a general, my work is to dedicate my ability to the kingdom.

I don’t have time to think about it.”

I clear my throat and collect the words

“You don’t have time, or you just too broken to think about it”

I turn my face to see his

“Kakang, I know how we feel about each other. Why?”

He looks at the ground, and replying my question without looking me

“Do you ever wonder why they will never put catfish in your fish pond?”

“Only gold fish, or any beautiful skinned animal will be put aroun you.

You know how it works here. You know why I moved Majapahit.

I am no one no matter how I try in this palace.”

He sighs heavily, and bend on one knee

“Good night Princess. I will see you in Majapahit.”

“Good night Kakang. I will pray to Hyang Widhi for your safety.”

“Thank you Your Highness.”

He stands up and turns around

This is the second time you left me brokenhearted

Next time you can leave me die



Everyone is tired after couple days of sailing

Now we have to cross the Jetis river

We use two boats, because th river gets narrower

I go with my loyal maid, a priest, king and queen

And of course 100 armys

This is the first time I go to Wilwatika in Majapahit

Rakean Rangga, the king guard and also my friend

Come to me in recreation room

“Your Highness, we found a big white crocodile blocked our way.”

Ya Gusti, I smile to see how worry he is for things the he shouldn’t have

I know what it means, but I’d rather keep it to myself

“Kakang Rangga, you don’t have to worry about such thing.

Get some rest, you don’t look really well.”

He looks confuse

Actually it is a spiritual knowledge, that even my 10 years old brother knows it

When the nature tries to say there is something wrong

Like gut feeling when you think something bad is going to happened

“Kakang Rangga, just get some rest.

You work hard enough during this journey.”

He smiles but tries hard to not being obvious

He nods, then leaves me with my maid

“I want to stay in my room, for fasting.”

After this sign, I really need to make sure what would happened

I need to clear and communicate with The One who masters all the signs

I sit on my bedroom floor

I can feel how this boat floats through the river

In couple days

In couple days




I heard my mother steps into my room

I still close my eyes in pray

“My daughter, soon you will be the queen for Majapahit”

She smiles

People believes that if the bride is fasting before the marriage ceremony

She will look more beautiful on wedding day

“I will not interupt you.

Your father and I will go to see the welcome ceremony.

You can stay here until for a while.

It is overwhelming, they sent 600 armys to welcome us and one of their generals.”

She pats my back

“General Mada and the king are waiting for you in the palace.”

She stood up and leaves

Why can’t I talk to my family about this feeling

I can feel Rakean Rangga stands outside my door

“Your Highness, we are going now.

I will be back to tke you to the palace.

“General Mada will not welcome us in Bubat.

Take care yourself.”

My general is in danger

I should run to tell everyone

But what kind of danger

“If you go now, you won’t have a chance to leave.”

Am I too selfish if I stay here?

As the door closed

I opened my eyes



Meanwhile at Bubat field

“Why do you take our lugage to Beranda Paseban?

We are not loosing a war. Those are our lugage and gifts

For King Rajasanagara” Rakean Rangga is shocking to see where their lugage go

“It is ok, maybe the don’t have any other place for now”, Prabu Lingga Buana

Tries to calm him. He doesn’t want to make

Any bad impression to his future son in law

Even he is the King of Pajajaran,

Sri Baduga Maharaja always knows how to controll situation

This makes Rakean Rangga obeys his words, his low profile character

Just shows how wonderful and powerful he is

Rakean Rangga steps back, he orders some guards to follow the Majapahit guards

To help them off the lugage from the ship



The General Purwodi, suddenly orders to attack

Like a thunder hits their heads at that time,

Rakean Rangga quickly orders the guards to make circle

and protect The king and queen

“Bajra Panjara”.. he almost cannot hear his wishper

Still surprise, but he has to protect the royal family from this sudden attack

“Rangga! Nyimas”,

Without questioning the order, he runs out of the circle to save Dyah Pitaloka

He might blame himself for a lifetime

For leaving his king fighting in that brutal battlefield

Before he can take another step out of the Bubat field

He felt something stabbed on his back

He turns around and find General Purwodi smirks by far

He threw keris to him

But Rakean Rangga is not an ordinary army

He is an elite

One stab is nothing

He took the keris off his back and runs forward

With his skill in years of practicing martial art

He killed many Majapahit armies

But one lion even can die by the sting of hundreds bees

He died in Bubat, with open wounds on his body

“Take the king and queen out of here!”

He screams before his soul leaves the body

Two guards pull Prabu Lingga Buana and his queen out the battle field

Majapahit armies try to chase them

But that is too late

Even with 100 armies, Majapahit armies do not find it easy

They have enough time to escape



“Can you please give me some times to pray?”

I ask the two guards of Majapahit that try to take here

“Ok, but we will break down your doors after a while,”

The guard with big muscular body threats me

I am a princess

I face that kind of typical muscular body everyday in her life

There is no fear bigger than loosing her love in Pajajaran

I leave the living room, enter my room and shut the door

Let it unlocked

“Ya hyang, whatever will be, will be,”

I say my last pray

I feel my solid body melt to the air

Like every cell separate itself

I can’t feel myself touching the floor

It feels like I suddenly flying

Or dead

Is it what moksa feels like



The two guard enter my room

They don’t find me

They get angry

Everybody on the ship were killed before they came to see me

They take one of my maid’s body, and they burn the whole ship

They burn her body

After the brutal raid, of course, Majapahit have the victory

They bring all our goods and gifts, and the ash of the burnt body

They go back to Wilwatika

And hand all the loot to their king

Kakang Mada is shocked

He can’t speak, angry, confuse

Drawning in his messy feelings

I wish I can reach out to him and say I am alright

“What happen?!”

Only that question emerges

“The Pajeir lugage Pajajaran army was feeling insulted because we took the

Beranda paseban. They got angry and attcked us.”

General Purwodi continues,

“We regret this. We could not avoid the war.

Even the princess killed herself for the sake of her pride.”

I know your heart is crying like little child Mada

King Rajasanagara sighs, “we could not avoid it.”

“How do you think General Mada?”

Still confuse and angry, he tries to hold himself

“I regret that this is happened, but if General Purwodi was right,

Pajajaran did start a war, and we had no option

But to accept it.”

“I think, it is because the Palapa Oath.”

General Purwodi added

How could it had something to do with it

You planned the whole thing without General Mada

Oh Mada, I didn’t know there is someone took evil way to attack you

Patih Purwodi clears his throat, still bend his one knee,

“They thought this is a trick made by General Mada to take over Pajajaran.

They came with lots of armies, I am sure actually they also

Planned for a war.”

“How could you think of that?”

General Mada now cannot hold any longer for his anger

“General Purwodi you can sit on your place now.”

King Rajasanagara cuts the conversation to think of what’s best

Clearly Mada has nothing to do with it, he knows it

When General Purwodi and his guards suspiciously went outside the palace

He knew they planned on something

He did not stop it

Because if it worked, obviously it did, he can be the king he wants

Without living under the shadow of the Great General Mada

Who is respected more

He thinks for a while before continue

“We all regret that this happened,

But it already did.

As a messenger for the wedding and the one who deliver an oath,

I am sure that General Mada will be blamed for this situation

I know he is innocent.

But as you always said, kingdom first, you even put the king on second place.

Do you want to say something about this?”

Even in this messiest time

He still tries to calm

“I will exile myself, you will not see me again.

Before that, can you give me a favor Your majesty?”

He does not defend himself

He does not defend himself

The Great General Mada takes the blame

King Rajasanagara looks surprised

He did not think that it would be this easy to get rid of him

Mada thinks it does not matter anymore whose fault

They don’t know where Prabu Lingga Buana and the queen is

If he asks one of the army, they might kill them

If they find them

Definitely, right now General Purwodi’s men must after them

“Please keep my Palapa Oath, and be a good king.

You are nineteen, but your mother believed in you

Like I do.”

Those words hurt King Rajasanagara

Things happened for good reason

Now he has to prepare for an attack from Pajajaran



I am up here

I wished I didn’t have to do moksa

I did it because I knew what patih Purwodi would do

And it is a shame to still alive when you lost

I didn’t want the enemy to kill me

I’d rather killed myself

Mada, I will be waiting here

Up above your sky

Sometimes I blend into the dust or air

I’ll be around

Loneliness, desperate, and sadness

You can sing them to the Hyang

You will not find my parents,

They are with me up there

Gone, they were not as strong as you

Only our guards made their way to Pajajaran

Spread the news

And there will be no war

My brother wouldn’t fight back

He just forbids our people to marry people from other ethnics

He breaks the diplomatic relation with Majapahit

He is my brother, I watch him as his guardian

And I watch you to

“We never know what would come

Only your moon and mine

I will never break my promise”

I can hear what you wishper inside your heart

And I will never break mine either Kakang Mada




Moksa: a condition that the soul leaves the phisycal body to be in other place. It is not a death condition because the person’s soul is in the same or other  place on earth having another duty. It is believed that ancient Kings and royals of Java were not death. They did moksa to keep Java land in peace.

Wilwatika: capital of Majapahit

Prabu Lingga Buana: King of Pajajaran. Later on he would be named as Prabu Wangi, and all his descendant will be called as Siliwangi.

Beranda paseban: place to keep the loot

General Purwodi: General of Majapahit in that time. Some believe that Bubat War was not planned by General Mada, but his rival. General Mada conquers almost expanded his conquest outside Java island under the rule of Queen Tri Buana Tungga Dewi, Mother of King Rajasanagara. (majapahit ruled all indonesian’s archipelago except Pajajaran and half of papua, also Malaysia). This achievment made some other general jeleous of what he had.

Palapa Oath: The oath stated by General mada, that he will never eat Palapa fruit until he put Nusantara (now Indonesia) under the rule of Majapahit. It meant he wouldn’t do anything for his pleasure, not to marry, before he put Nusantara under the rule of Majpahit.

This is just one version, that I’d like to believe, of Bubat war. Other version tells General Mada initiated the war, and Dyah Pitaloka killed herself during the war.


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