Love Story of Dyah Pitaloka part 1


I love how the birds sing for the sun

I love how to hear my brother destroys something on his training

I love to see my dad in the park meditating

I love to see my mom talking to some girls about wisdom

I always love morning

Especially in the last two weeks

I love how you sit couple meters from my door

Crafting on my the woods for the entrance gate

I love the fishpond even more

I love to sit on the bench and looking at the fishes

Then, have bit check on you



The stars are giving me their bless

But I don’t think the sky wrote a love story for me

My maid delivered a message from you

“It is a goodbye Nyimas”, my heart almost blew up

I heard your foot steps

My heart beats fast, I have to hide my sad face

I don’t want you to know how I feel

If I wasn’t born as a princess,

I’d love to run to your arms, and feel your warmth

“Your Highness”, now I hate this old tradition

Why do you sit on the ground like the other humbles

Why don’t you just be here, next to me

Why don’t you look up, look me in the eyes, and say goodbye

“I am sure your maid delivered my message,

I will live tommorrow. I have to go to the east.

I feel grateful for all your kindness. I will never forget Pajajaran as I was accepted here

And this is the first place I learnt about many things from the king, queen, prince, and you.”

There are a lot of stars but the moon is too shy to be out there

I wish for a light so he can see the reflection of my face, and recognize my sadness

“There are a lot of fishes here. The were born different.”

I feel more pain everytime I breath

“Yes Your Highness, the differences make them look beautiful.”

Kakang Mada, they are different so they can’t be together.

They fight each other, why don’t we try to have fishes with mixing colors or genes?”

I can feel what I said makes you smile, but does it  make you understand

Nyimas..”, I prefer you call me Nyimas rather than Your Highness

“I came alone to this kingdom.

What makes me happy and comfortable in this palace

Is I met friends, teacher, and a sister.”

A sister? Which girl you call sister?!

I’ve been in a battle before, and it was a thousand times easier than this

“Would  you please let me to bring the sculpture I made for the gate?I didn’t get to finish it.

The little sculpture of your face. I will finish it, and I wll remember you.”

“yes, of course.”

“I pray to Hyang Widi and all the goddess for good life and prosperity for your family and all Pajajaran people.”

“Thank you”

“Good night Your Highness” He closes his palms and give his last bow to me

I hope the ancestors wouldn’t be angry

Please for one night, let me throw my dignity

I turn my face, and for the last time he looks me in the eyes,

“Good night Kakang Mada.” I can see he is a little bit shocking

He turns around, and for the very last time, I see him walking through this park

Remember me as how you want to

Just remember me, Mada



I can clearly remember the last time we talked

Your leaving broke my heart

Now you came as a great general of Majapahit

I wished nothing but happyness

But you tore my broken heart into pieces

“Your Highness,,” dear loyal maid

I wish I were you

You can marry a horse keeper as you wished to

I can’t even marry a general because his king wants me

“Don’t be sad. Everything is written far before we wre born.

We have to accept it. For the sake of Pajajaran, you will be the queen of Majapahit.

Not only a princess.”

I close my palms, an ancient gesture of obeying a person in higher position

A gesture that passes from generation to generation since Pajajaran was built for the first time

A gesture from Mada to me all the time

A gesture that I hate and obey at the same time

“Sit next to the queen my daughter.”

As I walked to my seat, I catch his eyes

But then he looks away, as if he feels guilty to be the messenger of my wedding proposal

“My daughter, Princess Dyah Pitaloka Citraresmi.

I believe you remember the young man who came as th King Rajasanagara mesenger.

He is now a great general for Majapahit, it is an honor for us.

King Rajasanagara want you to be his queen. This is a good chance for the two great kingdom

To be united in marriege.

It feels great, since we came from the same ancestors.

How do you think my daughter?”

===============to be continued====================

This poem story is taken form a novel written by Aan Merdeka Permana. The novel based on his research of true event “Bubat War”, the most memorable war between two greatest ancient kingdoms in Java, Indonesia, Majapahit and Pajajaran.


Words definition

Pajajaran: An ancient king in West java, now commonly called as Sunda. Established in 669 A.C. by King    Tarusbawa and became the only kingdom that wasn’t conquered by Majapahit.

Majapahit: An ancient kingdom in East Java which conquered almost all regions in Indonesia, except Sunda and papua,  and some parts of other southeast asia countries. The historians believe that Majapahit put the first concept of Nusantara (regions now Indonesia). Indonesia has red and white as colors of the national flag from Majapahit flags. This kingdom was established around 1293 A.C.

Mada: Mada, or Ramada, now commonly Known as Patih (general)Gajahmada. Nobody knows for sure where he came from. But his contribution on expanding the colony of Majapahit, made him an important person in Indonesia hystori.

Dyah Pitaloka Citraresmi : Princess of Pajajaran, born in 1340. She died in Bubat war. (I’ll make different story)

King Rajasanagara: 19 years old king of Majapahit. When this war happened, Majapahit was under his rule.

Kakang : a word used  to call an elder boy as the symbol of respect. It is used to call elder brother, or male person considered as elder brother, or to call husband (a girl calls her husband “kakang” eventhough he is younger as symbol of respect)

Nyimas: used to call a noble girl or female in unofficial way

Hyang widi: God, for Hindu people Hyang Widi means the highest God


p.s. sorry if i spell the words wrong


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